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Keelung Story House

Keelung Story House is located in the cultural center building next to the Keelung City Government, about more than a hundred ping. Formerly it was the Local Characteristics Museum, which was predominantly based on the relevant instruments and historical evolution of the coal mining industry. In 1998, it was partially updated. In 2004, it was eligible for a grant from project of local cultural halls, pre-planning of “assessment and planning on Keelung Coal Mine Museum setting” completed. “Coal Mine Museum” is positioned to retransform. In 2005, we re-attained grants from project of local cultural halls, Keelung Story House software enhancement program in the second year of operation and others, renamed “Keelung Story House”, officially inaugurated and it was in operation in 2006.

Currently it is predominantly based on “The birth and growth of Keelung” permanent exhibition. Contents include: Keelung Harbor and the surrounding industries, Keelung history and battles, Keelung mining history, pit experience zone, solid model in imitation of Armstrong Breech-Loader Cannon, seven Keelung local roaming routes description, model of old-time Keelung Train Station building, interactive game software, as well as New Year paintings, blue dye, casks, straw sandals and other special industrial introduction. In case of group visits, you can fill out application form for a guided tour of the premises 10 days before to make a reservation for a free guided tour.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 - 17:00


1F., No.181, Xin 1st Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Please enter through Keelung Cultural Center’s side entrance at Yi 1st Rd.)


24224170 #340

Traffic Information:

If you are in other localities and take public transport, you can reach Keelung Train Station first, then walk to the vicinity of the municipal government. Please drive via National Highway No. 1. After exiting Daye tunnel, keep to the right. After descending from the east frontage viaduct, you reach “Keelung Cultural Center” building beside Keelung Harbor.