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Organization framework

Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Library Information Section We are charged with collecting, sorting, storing, disseminating, providing various book information and local literature, inquiry, research and publication of local literature, operation and management of public libraries, counseling on each district library to promote library use accomplishment education and forward the local literature and history work and other book information and other matters.
Performing Arts Section WIn charge of operational management of auditorium, planning and execution of music, theater, dance, film and other art activities, collection, arrangement, preservation and research of performing art resources, cultivating the performing art talent, performing art career counseling management.
Exhibition Arts Section In charge of the planning and promotion of exhibition and visual art, collection, research, preservation of collecting items, exhibition venue settings, operation and counseling and the promotion of public art matters and others.
Cultural Development Section In charge of research & promotion for art and cultural activities and system, aggregation, circulation, storage of the art information, domestic and international cultural exchanges, overall community building, art studies, volunteer organization & training, counseling of cultural & arts foundation and other matters.
Cultural Assets Section In charge of designation, survey, restoration, maintenance of monuments, historic buildings & settlements, sites, cultural landscapes, antiquities, and registration, survey, research, promotion, preservation and transfer and learning of traditional art, folklore and the relevant relics.
Administrative Section In charge of instruments, seals, archives, research and evaluation, legality, paying and receiving money, procurement, property management, general affairs, janitor management and business not belonging to the other sections and other matters.
Accounting Office It is set with Accounting Director and clerks, who according to law, handle budgeting, accounting matters and statistical matters concurrently.
Personnel Office It is headed by director, who tackles personnel management matters according to law.
Office of Government Ethics It is headed by director, who tackles matters about government ethics according to law.