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Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum (Under renovation)

Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum is located on the first floor of main salvation altar in Keelung Zhong Zheng Park. Earlier, in order to soothe the soul of ancestors who came to Keelung to explore, the Mid-summer Soul-salvation Festival ceremony was held. Today, the Mid-summer Ghost Festival has become the most important celebration in Keelung. To make people more understand Mid-summer Ghost Festival ritual historical origin, the museum was constructed in 1976, of which the most important function is to match with the ritual in Mid-summer Ghost Festival period. While the museum is furnished to introduce the origin of Mid-summer Ghost Festival, worship processes, the main task of the god statue, and the evolution history of 15 surnames main salvation. During other non-festival activity periods, the Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum plays a role to transfer knowledge.

Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum was formerly Keelung “Folk Custom Museum”. To combine local culture and traditions of Mid-summer Ghost Festival ritual, it was established. In 2005, Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum was set up via subsidy of “local cultural hall plan” by the Council for Cultural Affairs. In 2009, a grant of the second stage for local cultural hall was attained from the Council for Cultural Affairs to upgrade hardware on the premises, overly large special exhibition space removed and turned into a permanent exhibition space. And we combined Mid-summer Ghost Festival ritual culture, divided the exhibition area into vivid salvation rice carving district, worship ceremony flow area, ritual venue god statue and ritual instrument area, folk entertainment district and movie screening zone. It is hoped to establish clear, rich Mid-summer Ghost Festival ritual and cultural knowledge systems, continue and extend the 161-year heritage of Keelung Mid-summer Ghost Festival.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 - 17:00 (Museum is closed on Mondays.)


No.280, Xin 2nd Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Traffic Information:

If you are out of town, you can take the bus No. 201, 202, 203 and get off at the Agency Hospital, then walk via Shoushan Road to reach here. If you drive by yourself, please take the National Highway No. 1. After exiting Daye tunnel, keep to the right. After descending from the east frontage viaduct, go straight via Zhongzheng Road, then turn right to Xin 2nd Rd and go straight. When you see the Shoushan Road, then turn left up the hill to the main salvation altar.