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Service Line

Service telephone of each section
Representative Line: (02) 24224170

  • Library Information Section: Application for library card, book lending service, the reader service in various rooms, distinct age and group reading promotion activities and services, the district library counseling and other related businesses.

    Business items Extension
    Application for library card, library material borrowing & return, renewals and other library services
    (Library joint service counter)
    Open-shelf reading room and related library resource services 274
    Periodicals room and periodicals, newspapers and other library collection resource services 283
    1. The children's room and related library collection resource services
    2. Toddler reading promotion activities
    Audio-visual room and audio-visual materials, film screenings on holidays and other related services 297、273
    Good book exchange activities and Taiwan Reading Festival activities 273
    1. Reference Room and related library collection resource services
    2. Nationwide Document Delivery Service System (NDDS) related services
    1. Local cultural and historical reference room and related library collection resource services
    2. Keelung literature collection & local literature publishing and other related services
    1. Each district library counseling related business
    2. Library website, systems and other related services
    3. Distinct age and group reading promotional activities
  • Performing Arts Section: In charge of operational management of auditorium, planning and execution of music, theater, dance, film and other art activities, collection, arrangement, preservation and research of performing art resources, cultivating the performing art talent, performing art career counseling management.

    Business items Extension
    Planning and execution of music, theater, dance and other performing art activities 318、328、348、398
    Selection and award of Keelung City eminent performing art team 328
    Keelung City buskers related business 318
    Establishment, modification and registration of performing art groups in Keelung City 348
    Execution of the performing art activities during Keelung Mid-summer Ghost Festival 348
    Performing art groups intermediary business 348
    Keelung City classical Chinese music orchestra business 398
    Keelung Cultural Center Auditorium site renting 388
    Island experimental theater venue rental 318
    Ticketing counter 254
  • Exhibition Arts Section: In charge of the planning and promotion of exhibition and visual art, collection, research, preservation of collecting items, exhibition venue settings, operation and counseling and the promotion of public art matters and others.

    Business items Extension
    Acceptance and review of annual application for exhibition 359
    Public art 329
    Keelung Art Exhibition 319
    Collecting item business 349
    Art exhibition guide volunteer service 379
    Keelung Story House business undertaking 379
    Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum business undertaking 389
    Keelung City Historical Relics Museum business undertaking 319
    Keelung Cultural Center hall display room 361
    Keelung Cultural Center galleries on the third and fourth floors 269
    Keelung Story House 340
    Mid-summer Ghost Festival Museum 24284242
    Keelung City Historical Relics Museum 24251229
  • Cultural Development Section: In charge of research & promotion for art and cultural activities and system, aggregation, circulation, storage of the art information, domestic and international cultural exchanges, overall community building, art studies, volunteer organization & training, counseling of cultural & arts foundation and other matters.

    Business items Extension
    Keelung Mid-summer Ghost Festival activities related business, application for visiting Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau 367
    Overall community building, Peiliao pit mining ecological park 397
    Hakka affairs, local cultural hall, cultural and arts foundation counseling management, contest selection of cultural and creative merchandise, summer art camp 357
    Cross-strait cultural exchange, Gongjian Rd. No. 7 Park related business 327
    Art workshops, cultural seminars, giving away publications of this bureau and mailing matters 327
    Volunteer recruitment, organization and training, management 347
    “Culture Heritage” monthly magazine edit, art message propaganda 317
  • Cultural Assets Section: In charge of designation, survey, restoration, maintenance of monuments, historic buildings & settlements, sites, cultural landscapes, antiquities, and registration, survey, research, promotion, preservation and transfer and learning of traditional art, folklore and the relevant relics.

    Business items Extension
    Designation, investigation, preservation, transfer and learning, and utilization of cultural asset preservation techniques and the depositary, and other intangible cultural asset preservation maintenance business 315
    General business, routine maintenance, and other business about monuments and historic buildings in the Zhongzheng District 395
    General business, routine maintenance, and other business about monuments and historic buildings in Zhongshan District and Anle District 385
    General business, routine maintenance, and other business regarding monuments and historic buildings in the Xinyi District, Renai District, Qidu District, Nuannuan District 345
    Related project management to repair and re-use the city's cultural assets 355
    Management of city designated historic site Mayor's Mansion 02-2462-6860
  • Administrative Section: In charge of instruments, seals, archives, research and evaluation, legality, paying and receiving money, procurement, property management, general affairs, janitor management and business not belonging to the other sections and other matters.

    Business items Extension
    Instruments, seals and archives management 337
    Research and evaluation, legality, and janitor management business 303
    Cashier business 323
    Procurement operations 310、320、602
    Property management 320