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Common Questions


  1. All people of this country, expatriates or overseas students, regardless of age or place of residence, can use resources in this library, and apply for public library card.
    1. Personal library card: You can borrow 6 books, which can be borrowed for 28 days, and can be renewed 28 days.
    2. Family library card: You can borrow 20 books, by a period of 28 days; it can be renewed 28 days.
    3. Group library card: The number of copies for each loan by each group is limited to 50, by the period of two months. We employ interlibrary loan and return, but do not provide renewal.
  2. Only holders of this library card can borrow books and other materials; borrowed books should be returned within the loan period.
  3. Without handling borrowing procedures, library resources shall not be carried outside the library; library resources must be kept clean and intact. Do not cut, mark, or draw on.
  4. If someone reserves the borrowed book, book shall not be renewed. When book is returned to library, then re-borrow. If the library is confronted with special needs, whether due or not, it should be immediately returned.
  5. If the loan books are over the period, calculated by separate volumes, for each overdue day stop borrowing one day. Afterward the cumulative total number of days to stop borrowing shall be calculated. The total number of days over more than one year will be calculated as one year.
  6. Those who lose books with compensation unpaid and those who fail to return overdue books are not allowed to continue borrowing.
  7. In case of the occurrence of loss, defacing, destruction and other circumstances, those who borrow books and materials from this library may compensate in accordance with the following provisions.
    1. Compensate books. On their own, buy a book and material of the same version as the original in principle.
    2. For those who do not want to buy on their own, the compensation shall be twice the price of books and materials.
    3. In case of out-of-print books and materials or those that cannot be bought, in addition to the compensation with twice the price, they shall be substituted with duplicates.

Directly go to our Bureau website → convenient services → downloads -- download the application form for visiting the library and chambers of this Bureau – after filling in, fax back to this Bureau (02-24287811). After the case handling colleagues receive it, if no other groups to take precedence over in such visit schedule, they will arrange follow-up visit matters.

Since 104/1/20 onwards, general reading room (self-study room) opening hours:

  1. Tuesday through Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  2. Sunday, holidays announced by government: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  3. Closed on Monday, election days and folk festivals (including Lunar New Year).

Readers can borrow six books every time. Deadline is 28 days. It can be renewed once.

Books in the reference room, literature and history data room are among the library collections, and they are the basic reference books. Hence, they are not for circulation. If necessary, you are welcome to come to the reference room, literature and history data room and use.

Application for library card (TEL:24224170 #276、298、270)

  • Application location: Library circulation desk on the second floor entrance.
  • Application requirements:
  1. Personal library card:
    1. The ROC nationals hold a personal identity card, household registry, disability handbook, and valid household registration transcript within three months or driver's license, Mainlanders holding an entry and exit permit or residence permit, and aliens holding a passport or residence permit may apply for a personal library card. Each person may apply for one library card only. Applicants are required to hold the original documents.
    2. Those who are under 12 years of age, hold a household registry, or valid household registration transcript within three months may apply for a personal library card.
    3. When the applicants cannot personally apply for library cards, they may present a power of attorney and the applicants' and agents’ original identity document to entrust agents for handling. But if both sides’ documents held by the agents can prove to be immediate family or spouses, they are exempt from presenting a power of attorney.
    4. Those who are incapacitated must apply only by immediate family or legal representative.
    5. If you hold “Easy card” or the same, similar card, etc., and newly apply for, replace and reissue a personal library card, the application way is the same as the first item to fourth item.
  2. Family library card: Citizens of this city who hold a household registry or the whole family’s household registration transcript effective within three months, may apply for the family library card of the non-natural persons. Every household can only apply for one library card. Applicants are required to hold the original documents.
  3. Group library card: Besides the first paragraph, the second paragraph, the following authorities, groups, juridical persons and other similar organizations (hereinafter referred to as the group) established in Keelung City, may apply for group library card. Each group applies for a library card in principle, but the school may be issued, based on different grades, classes. Each school is limited to a maximum of six cards:
    1. Institutions, groups, schools, borough offices, community development associations, community management committees, or the like organizations.
    2. Prior to 31 December 2009, those who provide the city to set up library service point by touring car.
    3. Civil or private library, service center of elected representatives at all levels (limited to one), book club organization with regular meetings and 15 or more members, or those authorized by the library.
    4. The general group shall attach relevant documents of establishment, sealed by group leader and administrator of books. This city’s schools at all levels, may apply for group library cards by sending letter (Note: the person in charge and book administrator). That applies to any renewal or reissuance thereto.
  4. We stop accepting application for library cards and borrowing and returning books thirty minutes before the closing of library.

Since 104/1/20 onwards, general reading room (self-study room) opening hours:

  1. The library; closed --- every Monday and Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year and election day.
  2. Opening time ---
    1. General reading room (self-study room): Tuesday - Saturday from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm; Sunday and national holidays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.
    2. Audio-visual room: Tuesday - Sunday and national holidays: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.
    3. The open-shelf reading room (stack room), Children's reading room, periodicals room, literature and history room, reference room: Tuesday - Friday 09:00 am to 08:00 pm; Saturday, Sunday and national holidays 09:00 am until 05:00 pm.
    4. We stop accepting application for library cards, and loaning and receiving books thirty minutes before the closing of library.